Research shows that patients who are involved in their own health have better outcomes and lower costs.


e-CareSmart helps patients take an active role in their care by providing them with the insight, education and
confidence to self-manage their health conditions. The easy-to-use mobile app eliminates memorized instructions,
providing a list of daily tasks, reminders and alerts.

Use e-CareSmart to...

Manage your condition

Set goals, complete tasks from your personalized care plan and track your daily symptoms

Adhere to medication

Track your medications with alerts and reminders


Track follow-up appointments, share health information with your care team. Communicate and know who is in your care team.


Know and understand about your condition through tailored education.


Between 9% to 59% hospital readmissions are preventable

Readmissions cost Canadian healthcare system $1.8 Billion dollars each year

8.5% of hospitalized patients are readmitted within 30 days of discharge.

- Source: Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)

Transition from hospital to home is a critical time in the patient care where interventions can make a huge impact in preventing readmissions.

e-CareSmart tracks patients after they are discharged from the hospital to monitor their follow-up treatment and care. The patient’s care team monitors discharge instructions, treatment plan, medication adherence and other follow-up support.

e-CareSmart allows hospitals to...

  • Create discharge care plans.

    Create personalized post – hospital discharge care plans for patients

  • Reconcile medication

    Provide a list of discharge medication, medication schedule and alerts for missed doses

  • Coordinate Care

    Schedule follow-up appointments with primary physicians and specialists

  • Improve communication across care continuum

    Communicate in real-time discharge plans with other collaborating clinicians in a patient’s care team

  • Monitor patient recovery

    Monitor patient’s recovery process as they complete their daily tasks and intervene if necessary.

Key Benefits:

Improve patient satisfaction

Reduce healthcare costs

Reduce hospital readmissions


Engage with your patients outside the clinical encounter and empower your patients to actively self-manage their health. e-CareSmart enables healthcare professionals to deliver personalized task-oriented treatment plans directly to patients, coordinate and monitor remotely, and analyze to get insight into patients’ adherence to their care.

Physicians use e-CareSmart to...

Create collaborative care plans

Collaborate with other health professionals to create and track patients’ treatment care

Track adherence

Receive alerts and notifications as patients complete their daily tasks

Communicate securely

Send and receive secure messages to other health professionals and patients

Manage medication

Guide patients with the medication and scheduling


Deliver tailored health education material to patients based on their conditions

Chronic Care

Impact of Chronic Disease in Canada.

Canadians live with at least one chronic condition
of all deaths in Canada due to chronic disease
of all direct healthcare costs on treatment of chronic disease
spent annually in direct & indirect healthcare costs

Patients with one chronic disease spend between 2X to 8X more health care costs than those with none

Source CDPAC 2015

e-CareSmart simplifies the delivery of chronic care management.

e-CareSmart comes pre-configured with the following chronic disease management care plans that can be customized for each patient:

  • Asthma

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

  • Diabetes Type 1

  • Diabetes Type 2

  • Hypertension


e-CareSmart is an API-driven care coordination software platform that can be personalized for each patient regardless of their health conditions.

e-CareSmart has 3 distinctive components:

Clinical Web App

allows healthcare professionals to manage patients, their treatment plans, and monitor their recovery progress

Clinical Dashboard

to perform analytics and administration

Patient Mobile App

allows patients to complete their daily tasks in the treatment plans, report progress, receive alerts and secure messages

Privacy and Security

All patient data is encrypted using SSL/TLS and 256-bit encryption in storage or in transit. Only the patient and their care team members can access the data. There is auditing to track access to the data. The platform servers are protected in a Tier III data center that has 24/7 physical security and are located right here in Manitoba.

About Us

Cassidy e-Care Solutions Inc. is a healthcare technology company based in Winnipeg, Canada.

Our mission is to improve patient care delivery using the latest technologies. Our software platform, e-CareSmart, helps healthcare professionals deliver personalized task-oriented treatment plans directly to patients who then complete the tasks at their homes. Health professionals get insight into their patients' adherence to the treatment plan before their next follow-up appointment.

For patients, e-CareSmart empowers them to be involved in their care plans. e-CareSmart links patients and their doctors to provide real-time care management, improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs due to patient adherence to their care plans.

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